Dorset Portrait Photographer – Dave Broomfield.

Dave Broomfield is a Dorset Portrait Photographer specialising in Lighting of ‘Beauty Portraits’. Includes Boudoir Photography in a tasteful & respectful style. Contact studio for availability.

Dorset Portrait Photographer – Image of Boudoir photoshoot
Dorset Portrait Photographer – Image of studio photoshoot_2

Hi, welcome to my website. I’m Dave Broomfield, I’m a professional Dorset portrait photographer. My style is a mixture of Timeless Photography in a modern way. My Portraiture photography being natural, relaxed, and fun, ensuring that you look your best. I’m available for relaxed people wanting elegant, natural imagery. Examples include…

  • Model Photoshoots (Beauty, Portrait, Fashion etc). I can offer TFP (Time for Pictures).
  • Headshots for websites and Social Media.
  • Boudoir that is ‘tasteful and of a very respectful style’. Examples are on this page.
  • Bridal Boudoir.
  • Bride Portraits (pre and post wedding day).
  • Personal Branding. Photographs that reflect your story, relate to your brand and gives confidence to your client audience.
  • Wedding Photography. Digital, 35mm Film or Medium Format Film Photography.
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Dorset Portrait Photographer – Image of studio photoshoot_3
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Dorset Portrait Photographer – Image of outdoor photoshoot
Dorset Portrait Photographer – Image of outdoor photoshoot_2
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Dorset Portrait Photographer – Image of Bride
Dorset Portrait Photographer - Outdoor Portrait
Dorset Portrait Photographer - Image of Bride
Dorset Portrait Photographer - Outdoor Portrait_3

Photoshoots as a gift for all occasions… 

As a leading ‘full time’ Dorset portrait photographer most of my photoshoot clients are females that are looking to capture a moment in time for whatever reason. This can often lead to an increase in inner confidence. I also have clients who are Brides to be or couples that are planning a wedding in the near future. This can be for either before or after the wedding. These can be examples such as a Boudoir Photoshoot as a special gift to the Groom or alternatively, a Groom’s Doudoir photoshoot as a gift for the Bride on their wedding day. I also take family photography.

Studio or outdoor locations…

As I operate my business from my home based photography studio in Wareham, photoshoots can take place at my studio, outdoors client’s homes or stately homes local to Wareham. In my home studio, I have the facilities of natural light or the option of using studio lighting. As a Dorset Portrait Photographer, I have many stunning outdoor venues to choose from very close to Wareham including the most stunning beach locations.

With such stunning Dorset photography locations locally, I enjoy using the  Dorset landscape for my outdoor photoshoots.

What happens at a Professional Photoshoot

Have Fun!

Above all, remember to have fun on your photoshoot. 

Why should I book a professional Dorset portrait photographer?

As a professional Dorset portrait photographer, I will aim to capture how you wish to feel after your photoshoot, this very often results in a feeling of increased personal confidence. 

As a professional Dorset Portrait Photographer, I will make sure that your portrait photographs are perfect.

For a Dorset Portrait Photographer, my prices are very reasonable similar to other portrait photographers near me and I offer a number of package options. If you would like further information on our Dorset portrait photographer prices please contact me through my contact page or by using any of the options on this page… Please contact me for details. 

If you’re looking for a Dorset Portrait Photographer, who takes beautiful, bespoke portrait photography that captures the true spirit of your day, then I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to find out more about my services and to check my availability.

What are the different types of Portrait Photography Styles?

Traditional Portrait Photography

Traditional portrait photography is based on classical posing and lighting techniques. Photographers often use props and backgrounds to create a timeless look. As a Dorset Photographer I can deliver this style in a modern way.

Contemporary Portrait photography

Contemporary portrait photography is more modern in approach. Photographers often use natural light and environmental surroundings to create a unique look. This style is popular for informal portraits.

Fine Art Portrait Photography

Fine art portrait photography takes a more artistic approach. Photographers often use creative composition and processing to create images that are more like works of art. This style is popular for people who want unique and stylish portrait photos. This is more of my preferred style.

What is my style of Portrait Photography?

With over 20 years experience, my style of portrait photography has developed into a blend of Contemporary ‘Fashion Inspired’ Photography. I can photograph in more of one style depending on what my clients prefer. This allows me to bring that special ‘Style’ factor to your portrait images whilst focusing on capturing natural and artistic images of your photoshoot session. This is ideal photography for relaxed people. To see what my clients say, please click here for reviews about Dave Broomfield Photography. I’m also known for being a Dorset family photographer and for my studio and outdoor photoshoots.