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Welcome to the website of Dorset Wedding Photographer Dave Broomfield.

Dave Broomfield is a Full Time Professional Dorset Wedding Photographer. Specialising in Wedding and Portrait Photography. Contact studio for availability.

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride
Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride

Hi, welcome to my website. I’m Dave Broomfield, I’m a full time professional Dorset wedding photographer. My style is a mixture of Traditional Timeless Wedding Photography in a modern way. My Portrait photography being natural, relaxed, and fun, ensuring that you look your best. For information about me, please click here I’m available for relaxed couples wanting elegant, natural imagery.

Wedding Photographers in Dorset - Image of Bridesmaids
Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride's Boudoir photoshoot
Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride and Bridesmaid
Dorset Wedding Photographer - Image of Bride and Groom with confetti
Dorset wedding photographer - image of bride
Dorset wedding photographer - image of bride

A Medium Format Analogue Film Wedding Photographer and a 35mm Analogue Film Dorset Wedding Photographer.

As a Dorset wedding photographer I’m one of the few photographers that can offer traditional wedding photography using traditional analogue film cameras. There is something very magical and ‘timeless’ about wedding photography taken with Medium Format or 35mm analogue film. 

So, if you’re looking for the true ‘fairytale’ and thinking of having a 35mm Analogue Film Wedding Photographer or Medium Format Analogue Film Wedding Photographer, please get in touch. Further information about film wedding photography can be found here.

I believe that your wedding photos should be a true reflection of your own unique love story. That’s why I take the time to get to know you both before your big day. This way, I can capture the real you in your wedding photos. 

What are the different types of Wedding Photography Styles?

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is based on classical posing and lighting techniques. Photographers often use staged shots with props and backgrounds to create a timeless look. As a Dorset Wedding Photographer working in a modern way, I specialise in some of the more traditional images as more and more people have started to expect this as opposed to having hundreds of ‘snapshots’ of their wedding. This style is often favoured for formal weddings.

Contemporary wedding photography

Contemporary wedding photography is more modern in approach. Photographers often use natural light and environmental surroundings to create a unique look. Every picture on the day should have a natural, relaxed and spontaneous feel about it. This style is popular for informal or destination weddings.

Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography captures moments as they happen without interference from the photographer. This candid style is popular for couples who want a natural look for their wedding photos. People want to enjoy their day with as little interruption and stage management as possible. This is also known as documentary wedding photography.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography takes a more artistic approach. Photographers often use creative composition and processing to create images that are more like works of art. This style is popular for couples who want unique and stylish wedding photos. This is more of my preferred style.

What is my style of Wedding Photography?

With over 20 years’ experience, and originally trained in the ‘Traditional Style’ as a Dorset wedding photographer, my style of wedding photography has developed into a blend of Traditional Photography coupled with a smaller element of Documentary wedding photography, Contemporary Fashion Inspired. 

I can photograph in more of one style depending on what my clients prefer. This allows me to be unobtrusive when I need to, but also ensures that I can bring that special ‘Style’ factor to your wedding images whilst focusing on capturing traditional along with natural and artistic images of your wedding and marriage. 

This is ideal wedding photography for relaxed couples. To see what my clients say, please click here for reviews about Dave Broomfield Photography. I’m also known for being a Dorset family photographer and for my studio and outdoor photoshoots. 

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

If you’re getting married in Dorset, there’s a chance that it might rain on your big day. But don’t worry, as a Dorset Wedding Photographer I am used to that, so I’ve got you covered. Here are my top tips for what to do if it rains on your wedding day:

Have a Plan B

The first thing you should do is to have a plan B for your wedding day. If you’re worried about the weather, it’s always best to be prepared and have a backup plan. Whether it’s booking a marquee or hiring a Dorset wedding photographer who is experienced in shooting in all weather conditions, having a plan B will help to put your mind at ease.

Embrace the Weather

If it does happen to rain on your wedding day, Embrace it! There’s no need to let the weather ruin your big day. Embracing the rain can make for some stunning wedding photos. If you’re worried about your hair and makeup, just remember that waterproof mascara and a good umbrella can go a long way.

Have Fun!

Above all, remember to have fun on your wedding day. It’s your big day, so make sure you enjoy every minute of it- rain or shine!

Why should I book a professional wedding photographer?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is a day when you and your partner make a commitment to each other in front of your family and friends. Your wedding day is also a day when you will be surrounded by love and happiness. You will want to remember your wedding day forever.

As a professional Dorset wedding photographer, I will capture all of the special moments of your wedding day. I will aim to capture the love and happiness that you feel on your wedding day. I will also capture the little details that you may not have even noticed on your wedding day. In addition, for a Wedding Photographer Dorset offers the most amazing locations for your photography.

Your wedding photographs will be something that you will cherish forever. They will be a reminder of one of the happiest days of your life. A professional Dorset wedding photographer will make sure that your wedding photographs are perfect.

For a Wedding Photographer in Dorset, my prices are very reasonable similar to other wedding photographers near me and I offer a number of package options. If you would like further information on our Dorset wedding photographer prices please contact me through my contact page or by using any of the options on this page… Please contact me for details.

If you’re looking for a Dorset Wedding Photographer, who takes beautiful, bespoke wedding photography that captures the true spirit of your day, then I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to find out more about my services and to check my availability for your wedding date.