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Smedmore House has spectacular sea views with the front lawn being the perfect setting for Smedmore House Weddings. It is one of the number one venues on the Isle of Purbeck and is chosen by many couples with such a discerning taste for their wedding venue. As such Smedmore House Weddings are very popular throughout the Summer months so it is advisable to book in plenty of time. 

As a Dorset wedding photographer I’m able to capture your wedding portrait images with the magnificent west face of the house as the backdrop. I’m also able to take you to the beach for your photographs, other areas of the magnificent garden or actually in the house itself. One popular area is on the stairs in the house. From a photographer’s view, this gives me plenty of options should the weather be not as you would like for your wedding day…so you have nothing to worry about regarding your wedding album photographs.

It is a truly magnificent classic 18th century house with a civil ceremony license for Smedmore House Weddings. I hope you can appreciate the backdrop I’m referring to from the exterior photographs included on this page.

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As you can see from the photographs on this page, depending upon the size of your wedding, most couples (especially during the summer months) opt for the facility of a marquee on the front lawn. With Smedmore House Weddings, this isn’t the only option as you can get married in a number of different rooms inside the house which may be an option to think about if you’re thinking of getting married outside of the busy Summer months. All the rooms inside the house have the most magnificent decor.

In addition to having a marquee on the front lawn, if you’re thinking of a slightly different location for your ‘Drinks Reception’, this is an ideal use of the walled garden at the side of the house. Alternatively, some couples opt for their ‘Drinks Reception’ to be in the area just in front of the house. I hope you can visualise your wedding and reception from my photographs on this page.

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In terms of the location, Smedmore House is located near to Kimmeridge. You take the road to Kimmeridge and then just before you drop down into Kimmeridge it is sign posted to the left and you approach it from a very long driveway which is a private road that also serves a nearby farm and is also the road to the caravan site that is also part of Smedmore House Estate. If you and or your guests wish to stay at Smedmore House, they can accommodate up to sixteen people staying in the house itself with ample parking in the area as you approach down the drive. All these facilities combined make Smedmore House Weddings a truly memorable occasion.

You can also see in my very last photograph, there is an area that shows the famous Clavell Tower which is another well known landmark in Kimmeridge and beyond across the sea you can see the island of Portland. Clavell Tower is owned by the Landmark Trust. The Tower was built in 1830 and is four storey tower. Since being built, coastal erosion has had a massive impact on its survival, so in 2002 it was dismantled and rebuilt and relocated to a safer position. 

The reason for mentioning it here and associating it with Smedmore House Weddings is that some couples have booked the tower for their Honeymoon. If you do fancy this idea, you need to book the tower a long time in advance depending upon the time of year you wish to book.

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If you are interested in Smedmore House Weddings, more information can be found on the Smedmore House Website. For further information about my wedding photography, please use the menu options on this page.