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Wedding Photographer Dorset – About Dave Broomfield Photography

Dave Broomfield is a Professional Wedding Photographer Dorset. He specialises in Portrait and Wedding photography. Contact our studio for availability.

Wedding Photographer Dorset – Dave Broomfield Photography was founded in 2002 by Dave Broomfield. Dave originally set up the company in his home town in South Cheshire where he operated a wedding and portrait business. In 2017, Dave and his wife Heather moved the business to Wareham in Dorset. Although he does still undertake a large number of weddings,  He undertakes quite a number of portraits either in his home based studio, outdoor beauty spots (beaches etc), client’s homes or stately homes local to Wareham . These days, the business is very much focussed on weddings and portraits due to being so busy as a wedding and portrait photographer Dorset. 

Since the move to Dorset, Dave has very quickly become a leading ‘full time’ Dorset wedding photographer and photographs portraits for clients throughout Dorset and the neighbouring counties of Hampshire, Somerset and Devon.

Dave operates his business from his home based photography studio in Wareham, Dorset where he has an extensive display of portrait photography for any clients to view. As a portrait photographer Dorset, Bournemouth area is very close and has a great range of outdoor venues. Although Dave is a main Dorset wedding photographer, / Dorset family photographer and concentrates on the wedding and portrait photography. Dave’s wife Heather plays an active role in managing the business side.

For outdoor portrait photography, Dorset is one of the best locations to live in the UK.

Wedding Photographer Dorset- Image of Bride
Dorset Wedding Photographer - Image of Bride

Skills required of a wedding photographer Dorset

Dave’s experience as a wedding photographer has enabled him to have great skills around engaging and motivating people. He considers this to be one of the important personal attributes to being a successful professional Dorset wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographers in Dorset - Image of Bridesmaids
Wedding Photographers in Dorset - Image of Bride and Groom by car

We’d love to photograph your Photoshoot or Wedding!!

Being one of the full time wedding photographers in Dorset, he considers it a great privilege to be asked to photograph people especially photography for relaxed people. A personal photoshoot or a wedding can be one of the most creative and inspiring events to photograph. As mentioned in our Home page, Dave’s style is very suited to relaxed people wanting elegant imagery.

Like photographers near me, he considers it far more than just a job but always loves the challenge each portrait session or wedding brings and will always strive to produce the very best results he can.

wedding photographer dorset - image of bridesmaids
Wedding Photographers in Dorset - Image of Groom

Dave’s reputation…

Dave has a reputation of having a very calm personality and has an ability to engage well with people from all walks of life. Dave believes that to get the best results from your photoshoot, you need to develop a great friendship/relationship with your clients way before the actual event. 

A focus on High Quality…

Digital, 35mm Film Wedding Photography or Medium Format Film Wedding Photography.

Dave is one of the few photographers in Dorset that is able to offer Digital, 35mm Film or Medium Format Film wedding photography. A number of images on this page were taken with a Medium Format Film camera.

Dave also believes his best form of advertising is from personal recommendation from people who have found his services highly professional and he will always deliver a high quality product (see reviews above). He achieves this by delivering both on Quality and Quantity which is why Dave includes very high quality albums. Contact us for details.

Having a very calm personality helps tremendously as this helps to keep his clients also in a relaxed state. This in turn, helps to make the photographs have a natural, relaxed and spontaneous look about them without looking like a casual snap picture.