Over the years, having met many couples, the same questions have been asked. I have therefore compiled this list of Twenty Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer when you are looking for a photographer. I hope you find this useful.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

1. How would you define your wedding photography style?

My wedding photography style has developed over a number of years. I started with a more traditional style of wedding photography but around 15 years ago or so, I moved to a much more modern ‘contemporary lifestyle’ form which has proven more popular with wedding couples today. It is also referred to as a reportage style as it is very much like a photojournalism coverage of your day. Although most weddings are very similar, each wedding is also very different. 

My preferred approach is to offer a frame work in which you can see the style of my photography but also work with you to meet your specific needs. There is also a great revival in film photography for weddings as opposed to just Digital. I can offer both film and digital photography. You can see more of my style at https://davebroomfield.co.uk/portfolio/

2. I have certain ideas I would like – can you do these?

Yes, of course, I would very much like to hear your ideas. I would prefer to do this on a face-to-face basis at my home where I operate my business. I can then show you my wedding photography exhibition and you can let me know what you like or dislike.

3. Can you show me a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

Yes, on my website you can see weddings that I’ve covered and if you visit me I can show you complete weddings on a screen. I can also show you complete wedding albums that couples have selected as opposed to just a selection of my best and my preferred photographs.

4. Are you insured?
Yes, as a professional wedding photographer I have full insurance for Public Liability.

5. Are you a member of any professional photography organisations?

Yes. I am a member of the The Societies of Photographers. I find it very useful to keep up to date with current trends in Wedding Photography and see other members work.

6. What happens if you fall ill on the day?
It would depend on how ill and how it affects me. Personally I try to keep myself fit and healthy by attending Spinning classes at my local Purbeck Sports Centre. In addition, I swim regularly in a pool and also the sea. If I was to catch a cold or similar, I would just take the usual remedies and carry on and work through. 

As a result of the Covid situation, I am looking at setting up a reciprocal arrangement with other local photographers should the worst happen. This isn’t yet in place so I would also advise you of any other ways to engage with other photographers at short notice.

7. What happens if your camera develops a fault?

I am one of the few photographers that can offer both film and digital photography. Whether I shoot all film or digital or a mixture will have been decided before. Either way I have back up cameras should a fault occur. I also use very expensive Professional equipment built for the demanding role. This obviously has to be paid for in the prices that I charge.

8. What happens if it rains?
Obviously, I have no control over the weather. I will discuss a ‘plan B’ with you at our pre-wedding meeting before your big day. In summary, I can do a lot of the photography just as well indoor as well as outside. I also have a couple of white golf umbrellas with me, one to keep you dry and one to protect my equipment. The weather won’t stop you from having stunning pictures.

9. Can my other guests take pictures?
Yes, of course that’s no problem at all. The only thing that I’d ask is that your guests appreciate that you are paying me for the professional photography and don’t try and take over. We do have time constraints with other suppliers (meal etc.) so all I ask is that people don’t get in the way, apart from that it’s absolutely fine.

10. Can you take a picture of my favourite Aunt / Uncle / Cat etc. and how long will all the family group shots take?

Yes, of course I can. Please just discuss this with me beforehand and finally at the pre-wedding meeting. I usually prefer to take ‘candid photos’ of the guests but can do one or two groups as well. I advise against very large groups due to the time it takes to organise.

I would suggest you think about how much time you want to spend on your Couples shots. The longer you spend the better results, but ideally, I like to spend about 30-45 minutes with a couple on their own.

11. When will I see my pictures and when will I receive my album. Also do I get digital copies of my images?

My aim is to have your images ready for viewing by the time you return from your Honeymoon, which is usually within14-21 days. Sometimes this can be sooner. If there were any reason why this would be longer e.g. my holidays, I would have discussed this with you. All my packages include a disc or USB memory stick of the images in Jpeg format. All I ask is that you appreciate that ‘copyright’ remains with me as the photographer, however I will grant you a license to use the images for personal use. I can also arrange an online gallery for guests to order prints etc. Albums are included as I’m a big advocate of having an album. I can show you albums from fifteen to twenty years ago to prove this point. Once you’ve decided on the final images for the album, this will be ready in about 2 weeks.

12. How can I actually be sure that you’ll be any good and that we’ll get along?

My response to this question is to make an appointment to meet me face to face at my home and come and view my wedding photography style and examples of my work. I will leave you alone to have a look and decide if you like my work. I would then have an informal chat without obligation where you can ask me questions and make an informed decision about my personality and whether I’m right for you. I think you’ll find that I have a friendly, professional and calm manner and above all I’ll be very open and honest. There are also testimonials from previous clients on my website. In addition, if you’ve decided on a package
and an album coverage, I will include a complimentary pre-wedding photo shoot, so you’ll have a chance to experience my photography skills before the big day.

13. As you’re a ‘full time’ Professional Wedding Photographer as opposed to ‘part time’ does that mean you’ll be out of our price range?

No, not really, I have packages starting from just £700 and have a range of different package options available. I can therefore provide you with excellent photography whatever your budget.

I am joking when I say this but apart from your wedding dress and the wedding rings, all you will have left after your wedding days is your husband and your photographs. Memories are very precious, so, I can’t do much about your husband but I can give you a beautiful set of professionally taken pictures.

14. Who will actually take my photographs?
I personally photograph all the weddings myself along with any editing, album design etc.

15. Do you work alone on the day?

Yes, as I mentioned above, I take all the photographs personally. I know some photographers use ‘second shooters’. These are usually people looking for some experience. I’ve never really found a need for that and feedback that I’ve had is this can be too much for the couple and guests.

16. Do you cope well under pressure and what about any emergencies on the day?

Yes, you’ll find that I have quite a calm relaxed manner and personality and don’t panic under pressure. With all the planning we’ve done together, there is unlikely to be any emergencies we can’t cover.

17. How far ahead do I need to book my photographer? (Possibly the most important wedding photography question).

This is entirely up to you. I used to advise booking two years ahead. In my own experience, I find that’s no longer necessary. I find that most couples these days are organising their weddings at relatively short notice. In my own case I would recommend about six to nine months ahead. There’s no longer a need for more than that. I often even get very short notice requests for mid-week weddings that can be accommodated.

18. My Wedding is not in the United Kingdom is that a problem?

Not at all, it’s termed ‘destination wedding photography’. If you look at this page on my website, you will see that I have had plenty of experience travelling and working abroad in a past life. In fact, at the time of writing, we have a booking for wedding photography in September 2022 in Ikaria in Greece. There would of course be additional costs involved due to flights and accommodation etc.

19. This all sounds great. How do we take this forward?

It’s very straightforward. I suggest we arrange an initial meeting where you can tell me all about your wedding plans. I can also show you some more of my work.

I am based in Wareham, Dorset. I have a very nice set up so that I can present my work to you in the best possible way.

20. That sounds fantastic. How can we get in touch?

It’s very easy. Please complete my enquiry form here or give me a call on 07827 920174.