Dorset Registry Office Wedding

In September this year I was very fortunate to photograph one of the first ‘Mamma Mia’ weddings at Karimalis Winery Ikaria. Further details can be seen in my post by clicking here.

The dream of a marriage on a beautiful Greek Island has become very popular recently. This is probably as a result of the film ‘Mamma Mia’. But of course, for everything to be legal in the UK, couples are often having the ‘legal’ side of their marriage conducted in a Registry Office a few weeks prior to their Greek wedding. In this case the first wedding was conducted at a Dorset Registry Office in the County town of Dorchester.

Both weddings were truly amazing.  The wedding at the Dorset Registry Office was for a particularly special couple Charlotte and Yoel. To celebrate afterwards, they had a beach picnic on Studland Beach with their family. As you can imagine, it was very busy on Studland beach on a Saturday afternoon in August. This was followed the following day with a family barbecue at home.

Below are a few photographs from the day at the Dorset Registry Office Wedding, the beach picnic (which was magnificently prepared by Yoel’s sister) and the barbecue. Below is a link to a video should you wish to see more about the Dorset Registry Office Wedding, the party in Studland and the barbecue . The photographs and video were taken and produced by Dorset Wedding Photographer, Dave Broomfieldowner at Dave Broomfield Photography. More information about Dave can be found by clicking here.

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The Studland Beach Picnic.

As you can imagine, a wedding group that are dressed for a wedding, would look rather funny sitting on the beach with the bride in her wedding dress and formal clothing for the rest of the group. This caused quite an amusement for people on the beach but many people that saw the group passed on their very best wishes to the couple and took photographs. The view of people that were on the beach at the time was what a fantastic place Studland beach is to have a wedding picnic.

As you can see from the video, the wedding itself took place at Dorchester Registry Office.

Dorchester Registry Office

Dorchester Registry Office
Dorset History Centre
Bridport Road,
Dorchester DT1 1RP
United Kingdom (UK)

In summary, Charlotte and Yoel had the most magnificent wedding day that I’m sure will remain in their memories for the rest of their lives. In terms of a wedding that is very different to the traditional UK weddings and if you’re looking for that true ‘Mamma Mia’ feel and style, but need a UK wedding too, I would certainly take a look at weddings at a Dorset Registry Office Wedding

Dorset Registry Office Wedding - Image of Bride and Groom
Dorset Registry Office Wedding - Image of ceremony
Dorset Registry Office Wedding - Image of beach picnic
Dorset Registry Office Wedding - Image of barbecue
Dorset Registry Office Wedding - Image of barbecue