Engagement Photos

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride & Groom

Engagement photos are an important part of any wedding or event planning process. Learn how to capture them on camera! Engagement photos are a great way to commemorate the beginning of a new life together. They’re also a fun opportunity for couples to show off their personalities and style. Choose the Right Camera. There’s no […]

What do Bridesmaids do

Wedding Packages for Photography – Image of Bride & Bridesmaids

If you’ve recently been asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time, you may be thinking …what do bridesmaids do. This may be a question even though you may have seen bridesmaids before. Find out here! Bridesmaids are usually female friends that attend a wedding ceremony. They often serve as witnesses for the bride […]

How much is a wedding photographer

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride's Boudoir photoshoot

If you’re planning your wedding budget, you’re likely to be thinking the question how much is a wedding photographer? Find out what you should expect from them and how much they cost! Are you planning on hiring a professional photographer for your wedding? It’s important that you understand what you need to look for in […]

15 Easy Church Wedding Photos

Church wedding photos - stained glass window

Church wedding photos can be quite a different experience for a wedding photographer. At one stage all weddings would take place at a church and the only alternative was a local registry office. Both would then be followed by the reception meal at a local venue. These days, in my experience of church wedding photography, […]

5 Wedding Venues In Hampshire To Consider Before Your Big Day

Film Wedding Photography – Image of Bridesmaids

From rustic barns to grand ballrooms, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing wedding venues in Hampshire for your special day. Read on to see where they are located and more! Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if you’re looking for a unique location that will suit both you and your […]

Wedding Photographer Cost Calculator

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride & Bridesmaids

How much does a wedding photographer cost? Find out here! The Wedding photographer cost is an important part of planning a wedding. It’s also a big investment for couples looking to plan a memorable event. The average professional wedding photographer cost in the UK ranges between £1,200-£2,800. Start with the basics. To start, you should […]

Alternative Wedding Photographer

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride

If you’re looking for an alternative Wedding Photographer I would class myself as an alternative wedding photographer because I am one of the few wedding photographers in the UK that can photograph weddings on film camera as opposed to just digital. Unusual Wedding Pictures I’m often asked why I offer film wedding photography as an […]

Best 60 Wedding Venues Dorset

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Reception Venue

Best 60 Wedding Venues Dorset? This is a question prospective brides often ask me as a wedding photographer in Dorset about some of the fantastic wedding venues in Dorset including local Registry Offices. Popular locations appear to be wedding venues in Dorset barn and wedding venues in Dorset by the sea. I decided to put […]