A Wedding Photographer in Dorset

Dave Broomfield is a Wedding Photographer in Dorset who photographs weddings throughout Dorset. Please contact me to check my availability.

In addition to being a wedding photographer in Dorset, I’m married and have two grown up daughters who both now live in London following their respective careers. 

I first became involved in wedding photography about 20 years ago, initially on a part time basis as the majority of weddings in those days took place on a Saturday and usually only during the summer months. My main occupation at that time was working in the corporate world within two very large organisations and I lived in South Cheshire. 

My journey to becoming a wedding photographer in Dorset

I worked mainly in the Training and Development areas of these two corporates which is where I gained my skills around engaging and motivating people. This was always a very transferrable skill into the personal attributes required of being a professional wedding photographer in Dorset.  

Dorset Wedding Photographer - Image of Dave Broomfield
Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bridesmaids

A Wedding Photographer in Dorset that can travel abroad

In addition, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively and to experience many different business cultures whilst working in the USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. So, although I’m now a wedding photographer in Dorset, travel is not an issue for me should you be like many couples who are thinking of getting married abroad these days but would still like to have a UK based photographer. 

I moved into management in the corporate world a few years ago and in 2016, my company moved me to Dorset. However, my passion for wedding photography never left me, so in February 2019, I decided to leave the corporate world and become a full time wedding photographer in Dorset.

Getting the best out of people

As a wedding photographer in Dorset, I consider it a great privilege to be asked to photograph the happy couple’s wedding day. From a photographers view, it can be one of the most creative and inspiring events to photograph whilst at the same time can be very challenging dealing with such aspects as the weather.

I consider it far more than just a job but always love the challenge each wedding brings and I will always strive to produce the very best results I can on such a special occasion in a wedding couple’s life. Please see my portfolio.

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride & Bridesmaids

Keeping a calm manner

I have a reputation of having a very calm personality and my life in the corporate world enabled me to develop an ability to engage with people from all walks of life.

I find having a calm personality helps tremendously on the wedding day as this helps to keep the Bride & Groom also in a relaxed state and this helps to make the photographs have a natural, relaxed and spontaneous look about them without looking like a casual snap picture.

I always try to get the best out of people and aim to be an integral part of the wedding as if invited as a guest and try to cause as little interruption as possible throughout the day whilst still trying to get great photos for the couple.

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Groom, Bestman and Ushers
Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride at Reception

My approach to your wedding day

Although I’ve photographed many weddings over the years and have learnt that most weddings are following a certain set order of happenings. I’ve also learnt that every wedding is different and to the couple, this is probably going to be one of the most important days in their lives together if not the most. 

I mentioned above that I like to fit in as if I’m an invited friend to the wedding. I follow this through in my whole attitude to photographing the wedding and in particular, I will always dress as if I’m a guest at your wedding. 

I work well with others

Finally, as a Dorset Photographer, I’m very conscious that an enormous amount of planning over potentially a long period of time has been made by the couple. I will always try and work well with all the other suppliers to your wedding such as wedding planners, florists caterers etc as you would expect any wedding photographer in Dorset to do.

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride

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