How much does a wedding photographer cost? Find out here!

Wedding Photographer Cost – Image of BridesmaidsThe Wedding photographer cost is an important part of planning a wedding. It’s also a big investment for couples looking to plan a memorable event. The average professional wedding photographer cost in the UK ranges between £1,200-£2,800.

Start with the basics.

To start, you should consider how many people will attend the wedding and how long you need a photographer for. If there are only two guests, then hiring a professional photographer might not make sense. However, if you expect more than 40 guests, then you need to hire a professional wedding photographer. You can also ask friends who have recently got married about their wedding photographer cost.

Add up the costs.Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride & Groom in carriage

Once you have determined how many people will be attending the wedding, you can calculate the total cost of hiring a wedding photographer. This includes the price of the photographer, as well as any other expenses associated with the event.

Include any add-ons.

You should also consider adding any additional services or products that are offered to you by the photographer as these could affect the wedding photographer cost. These might include things like engagement photos, family portraits, or even videography.

Calculate the total.

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Image of Bride & BridesmaidsIt’s easy to calculate how much a wedding photographer costs by looking at average prices across the country. However, there are other factors to consider when calculating the total cost of hiring a professional photographer.

Compare prices.

There are several things to keep in mind when comparing prices between photographers. First, make sure you understand what each photographer offers before choosing one. Second, compare prices based on the number of people in your wedding party, the type of photography (portrait vs. event), and whether you need additional services such as videography.


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